Here’s what our customers have to say:

“My Job Has Become a Whole Lot Easier.”

SteveWest crop
Steve West
Construction Coordinator
Tooele County School

The best part for me in doing business with Manuals Access is absolutely the product. I have everything I need at my fingertips. I use the disks all the time- at least once a day. Today I’ve accessed them two times.

The more we can make our information accessible, the better it is. Sometimes I need to get part of a drawing or manual to one of my team. Before, it would take hours. Now, I cut out the part I need digitally, and email it in minutes. When I need to show an architect a drawing, I go right to the disk and show the architect what I need.

My job has become a whole lot easier. Having the drawings and the manuals indexed makes my job easier by saving a lot of time. Before, when I needed to look at a drawing or a manual, I had to go somewhere and many times drive to where the drawings are stored. It is very time consuming to find paper drawings and manuals and to store them. Manuals Access saves us a lot of time.

“The client is so happy with the system”

Mike Mayne
Project Manager
Jacobsen Construction

I think Manuals Access’ system for closeout documents is great. The City Creek Center owners are very happy with it. As a Project Manager for Jacobsen Construction, I was part of the team that implemented the system on the City Creek project. Towards the end of the project the project engineers and superintendents were talking about how nice it was and wishing they could have had it earlier.

The system is easy to use. Within two or three clicks you can get to any document. When we turned over the project to the owner we provided the information on portable hard drives and hard copies. They have not done much with the hard copies because the electronically linked files are so much easier and faster to use. Taubman, the property management company for The City Creek Center, is so happy with the system that they are going to require it on other projects. Like us, they have found it to be much easier to access rather than going to plans, binders and thumbing through all the paper.

I would recommend Manuals Access’ closeout system for almost any project.